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A B O U T   U S

A heaping cup of rock, a spoonful of sultry ballads, and a pinch of pop.


After building a following through single releases, Suit Up, Soldier released their debut LP 'Curse The Day I Act My Age' in May 2021. The album is the culmination of years spent in the competitive Provo, Utah music scene (which has conjured up acts such as Neon Trees, The Aces, & Imagine Dragons) honing and refining the band's sound and performance.

When Suit Up, Soldier's lineup solidified and singles began to drop, they were quickly tapped to open for indie rock giants COIN at BYU in January 2020. A tour was subsequently booked, but in light of the COVID-19 pandemic the band was forced to seek alternative ways to fund the making of their planned debut full-length record.


They turned to crowdfunding, and the resulting Kickstarter campaign was a resounding success. They raised over $20k to fund their independent debut - a testament as much to the band's persistence and determination as it is to the devotion of their ever-growing fanbase.

"While bands in the Walk the Moon/Imagine Dragons/X Ambassadors inspired scene seem to be dime-a-dozen flash in the pans, its clear that Suit Up, Soldier intends for this album to be a sort of resume for what they can do to both the industry powers that be and the casual music listener." - Ryan Getz, Tuned Up 

"I love how tight and clean the new sound is. Tons of clever and calculated production decisions. Tactful crunchy guitar riffs. Reminds me a lot of Penguin Prison or Panama Wedding, some of my favorite unskippable electro-pop bands. This is an excellent step forward - I'm genuinely stoked to hear all your new stuff..." - Jordan Ottesen, Reach Provo Magazine

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